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How to drive your business

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A practical guide for Small to Medium Enterprises

This template based system guides you through the steps to developing a dynamic marketing plan
that will give your business the focus and structure to realise its full potential

A complete set of building blocks to create

marketing plans to grow your business

There are no shortcuts to writing marketing plans that deliver pronounced outcomes. Quality plans require considerable time, thought and effort. And there is no such thing as 'one plan fits all'. If your goal is to craft a practical plan tailored to meet the needs of your specific business that achieves realistic quantifiable results Marketing Plan Builder can help achieve this aim. Successful marketing plans require research and creative thinking based on facts and figures, not wishful thinking, to take a business to the next level. With quality input on your part, Marketing Plan Builder gives you the building blocks and structure to take your business to the next level.

Countless enterprises go about their businesses without committing even the most basic of plans to paper. The result is a daily struggle, with proprietors and managers spinning around in ever diminishing circles working in their business instead of on their business. With no firm sense of direction, these enterprises are compromised in reaching their full potential. Successfully marketing a product or service is not something you can do effectively ‘in your head’ or ‘on the run’.

With a carefully thought through marketing plan to guide you in your day to day business, you will be taking a systematic approach to analysing your products and services, your competition, customers and prospects to develop effective strategies that achieve realistic goals which ultimately result in enormous savings in time, cost and effort. The mere process of thinking through your objectives and strategies and reshaping them appropriately will set you on a more profitable and rewarding path.

A marketing plan gives your business the focus and direction needed to realise its full potential. It identifies growth opportunities and makes better use of limited resources.

A marketing plan will:

•  Identify opportunities in the marketplace that your business can profitably
•  Increase your productivity through reducing wasted time and effort.
•  Help you concentrate on the things you do best.
•  Improve utilization of your finite resources.
•  Give you a ‘blueprint’ to enable you to build your business systematically.
•  Coordinate every function in your business so that each part is reaching toward the same goals.
•  Provide you with a practical day-to-day decision reference points.
•  Give your business a sharper focus for your customers and employees.
•  Give you an edge on your nearest competitors.

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“With a cohesive, soundly based marketing plan in place you can systematically develop your business for a more profitable outcome”

Marketing Plan Builder is particularly beneficial for SME's with limited in-house marketing resources aiming to take their business to the next level. It is also a valuable reference resource for marketing students and post graduates.

What is Marketing Plan Builder?

Marketing Plan Builder is a self completion template based system, rich in content, that gives users the knowledge, tools, structure and framework to write a comprehensive professional plan. The templates focus on the succinct content you should consider in the plan, avoiding the need to laboriously compose endless paragraphs of verbose text.

The system is based on a lifetime of practical experience in which countless plans have been developed by the author for a diverse range of product and service categories and from large businesses to small.

Marketing Plan Builder is designed for:

Product based business to business enterprises (B2B products)
Service based business to business enterprises (B2B services)
Product based business to consumer enterprises (B2C products)
Service based business to consumer enterprises (B2C services)

“The process of planning and analysis that goes into the development of a marketing plan is every bit as important as the plan itself”


Build your plan in two steps

Step 1 - Purchase and study the eBook with sample marketing plan (174 pages pdf)
The eBook details the components of a marketing plan and explains elementary marketing principles and practices. It gives you the structure and content you should consider for inclusion in a marketing plan tailored to meet the needs of your specific business. A series of completed templates culminate in a complete sample marketing plan that you can use as reference for the plan you will write with the free templates provided. (You will need Adobe Acrobat on your system for this step)

Step 2 - Write your plan in the FREE pre-formatted Microsoft ® Word™ templates (64 pages) downloaded from the link below. After reading the eBook and sample plan you will be ready to start writing your plan by ‘filling in the blanks’ in the templates supplied. At each template there are prompts for the applicable content. Reference keys are included to indicate which templates apply to your business class and the level of detail of the plan you intend to write.

Download FREE marketing plan templates here

(You will need Microsoft ® Word™ on your system. When downloaded go to View >Edit Document)

Buy the eBook complete with sample marketing plan now for just US$3.14

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