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Kester Marketing is based in Melbourne Australia. Since 1990 we have provided professional advice in the fields of marketing consulting, marketing services and corporate communications.

About The Author - Garth Kester
Garth Kester has pursued a lifetime career in marketing in a variety of senior executive and consulting roles in Australia and internationally. His range of experience has included account service and strategic planning roles with some of Australia's largest advertising agencies as well as marketing management positions in national and international consumer goods companies.

For fifteen years he was national marketing director for Cadbury Schweppes drinks division. In this capacity his brand responsibilities included Schweppes, Pepsi Cola, Solo, Tarax, Sunkist, Evian and other international and national soft drinks brands. This position also took him to the UK, USA and Europe where he was involved in various international marketing assignments.

Since 1990 he has conducted his marketing consultancy - Kester Marketing - in which he has been associated with a diverse cross section of business models in fast moving consumer goods, consumer durables, industrial and leisure services. This extensive background has yielded unique insights into what makes marketing strategies effective at a practical "hands on" level. It also provides an ability to accurately assess and distil clients' needs into actionable plans that achieve desired outcomes. In his current role, he is involved in providing a range of marketing and corporate communication services for small to large enterprises from facilitating marketing workshops, to developing and implementing complete marketing plans.

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